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By Lisa Shaefer

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So as that one was offered to the Lord, it was as if all had been offered to the Lord. This one belonged exclusively to God, but so did all the rest. Then the rest of the crop could be harvested, because they said; “now it belongs to God”. Jesus fulfilled this feast. His death fitted in with Passover. Jesus rose from the dead on the morning after the Passover Sabbath. And He rose as the priests were offering the first fruit to God. God reached down at that time and raised Jesus, His first fruit, from Hades.

God started with a very good creation, a creation where no curse was present. Ezekiel 28:13 refers to it as “Eden the garden of God”. There, God’s presence was immediately and intimately known, a place of infinite beauty and enjoyment that can only be described in earthly language as “a beautiful paradise or garden”. In the early chapters of Genesis, the book of beginnings, we are introduced to the institution of marriage. The first marriage was that of Adam and Eve. They were the first bride and groom and therefore, because of the law of first mention in the Scripture, this teaches us everything we need to know of what God means when He says “bride”.

And how could He do otherwise, if He is the allknowing, all-wise, and perfect God? To change His plan would mean that His original plan wasn’t perfect, that there was room for improvement. If that were the case and God had made a mistake, then He would not be God. Since He is, there is no question that whatever He started was perfect, and therefore, whatever He finishes will be perfect. In studying the Bible as a whole, one will see consistency from Genesis to Revelation. One will note the continuation of some basic themes from beginning to the end.

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