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By Bangalore Venkata Raman

It's a learn within the use of horoscope in each man's way of life. the booklet is split into twelve homes, that experience connection with the cloth relation of the soul (jeeva) in its trip from the cradle to the grave. The learn of illustrations (charts) makes each aspect even the passed over rudimentary ideas and ideas very transparent and graspable.

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The native becomes well-read, particularly in occult studies. In good aspect to Venus, it makes one musical and talented. Adaptability is a striking feature. Mercury makes the man intellectual. If there is a Rahu or Ketu in Lagna, the native suffers a lot of nervous troubles. —A magnetic personality is bestowed on the native. An optimistic spirit, jovial disposition and pleasant manners are indicated. The native will have more sons if the 5th house is not affected. Selfindulgence especially in regard to gluttony will affect health.

In the Navamsa, Venus is in a friendly sign, with Saturn a malefic and aspected by Jupiter. Therefore the ascendant lord is also fairly powerful. Chart No. ) Lat. 13° N.. Long. 5h. 10m. 20s. E. Balance of Venus Dasa at birth : Years 6-1-24. —The Sun is free from aspects—good or bad. He is subject to Subhakarthari Yoga and there is neechabhanga for him. In the Navamsa the Sun is aspected by Saturn (a malefic), Mercury and Jupiter. The Sun is therefore fairly powerful. —The planets mostly influencing the first house are Venus, the Sun, Mercury and to a moderate extent Saturn and Jupiter (because Saturn is with Lagnadhipathi and Jupiter aspects Thanukaraka in Amsa).

He will propitiate deities consistent with the indications of the fifth lord. Sixth House : In addition to the results produced by the lord of Lagna being in the third, the following may also be noted. There will be bebts but they will be liquidated when the Dasa of the Lagndhipati comes. When the lord is fortified, the native joins the army, becomes a Commander or even a Commander-in-chief provided the lord's Dasa operates at the opportune period. Or, he may become head of medical or health services or an expert physician or surgeon.

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