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By John French

With forty two woodcut illustrations. this can be a special instruction manual of information and perform on the time, stated to be in all likelihood the earliest definitive booklet on distillation, through John French, an English health professional who lived within the seventeenth Century.

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Sublime them so often until the coral will no more rise up. Then take the calx of coral that remains in the bottom of the sublimatory, and put it on a marble or glass in the cellar to be dissolved. That which will not be dissolved, sublime again, and do as before until all be dissolved. So you have the liquor of coral. Note that if you will have the true tincture of coral, evaporate the humidity of the foresaid liquor. Then extract the tincture out of the powder with spirit of wine, which spirit evaporate to the consistency of honey.

Mix all these together in a glass vessel, and let them stand close stopped the space of 8 days in the sun. Let the patient drink of this a spoonful or two and compose himself to sweat.  BURGES, HIS PLAGUE WATER Take three pints of muscadine and boil in it sage and rue, of each a handful, until a pint be wasted. Then strain it and set it over the fire again. Put thereto a dram of long pepper, ginger, 38 and nutmeg, of each half an ounce, being all bruised together. Then boil them a little and put thereto half an ounce of andromachus-treakle, and three drams of mithridate, and a quarter of a pint of the best angelica water.

TO MAKE OIL OF TALC Take of the best talc reduced into very thin flakes. Make them red hot and then quench them in the strongest lixivium that soap boilers use. Do this fifteen times and it will become as white as snow. Then powder it very small and calcine it by fumigation, by the fume of some very sharp spirit as of aqua fortis or the like. When it has been calcined for the space of a fortnight, it will become somewhat mucilaginous. Then set it in any heat of putrefaction as it is (for it has imbibed enough of the sharp spirit to moisten and ferment it) for the space of two months in a bolt head nipped up.

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